Here are our most commonly asked questions! If you have another, please reach out!

How much will a new or re-designed website cost me?

Great question. But not an easy question to answer.

Every design we create is different. And every business has a problem that needs solving. Please use our contact form to get your FREE Website & SEO Analysis today!

How much will your SEO services cost me?

Depending on your needs and your project complexity, your project price may range from one amount to the other.

We recommend reaching out to us so we can get you a detailed quote that meets your specific demand.

Do I receive Google Analytics and Google Search reports?

Yes! You will even have access to view the live dashboards and traffic information for your website and SEO.

Even view keywords that customers are searching for when they reach your website from Google.

I don't have time to manage my website, can you?

Yes! We do offer maintenance plans, which we call Website Care Plans. You as a business probably have better things to worry about than website up time, plugin and theme updates, downtimes, tracking customer usage data and updating content. This is where our Website Care Plans come in handy.

For a small flat fee per month you get peace of mind knowing 20+ years of experience in the industry has you covered every step of the way. Forget managing and updating your website. Focus on what matters: Your business.

Where do you typically host your VPS websites?

We host with either Digital Ocean, Vultr or Cloudways.

Can I get a custom email address?

Yes! Depending which Website Care Plan you choose, custom email addresses are included at $5 per email/month.

What does your creation process look like?

1. You contact us
2. We have a FREE consultation
3. You choose an optional Website Care Plan
4. We provide you a Proposal & Contract
5. Billing details are covered in the Proposal
6. We create a schedule for completing work
7. Initial development begins
8. Testing and feedback begins
9. We go over any revisions
10. Any revisions are made
11. You launch your beautiful new Website or SEO project
12. We maintain a wonderful partnership!

Do you setup WooCommerce or Shopify stores?

Yes! These are the two main shopping platforms we use when websites require the option to create an online store or sell something.